We at Tolita believe that in order to create a great-tasting chocolate, we have to use the best ingredients. What qualifies as the best is determined not only by careful growing and harvesting, but what matters to us equally is an ethically sourced product. With every piece of Tolita chocolate you eat, you support smallholder farmers and their efforts in preserving sustainable agriculture in Ecuador.


Tolita is able to provide cacao farmers with a truly fair deal. It’s time to flip the industry upside down. What's fairer than Fair Trade? Direct trade with cacao farmers! Our farmers are organic certified and every step of producing our chocolate, from bean to bar to packaging, takes place in Ecuador, supporting both the farmers and the development of the community. Tolita trades directly with the farmers at nearly double the Fair Trade minimum price! By paying at least $4000 per ton for cacao, we will keep the farmers in business, invest in the preservation of the local environment, and allow you to enjoy some of the highest quality cacao in the world. Additionally we will share 5% of our profits with the farmers, who will decide themselves how their profit shares are reinvested in their community. We want to put farmers first, promoting agricultural and environmental stewardship, and strengthening organic cocoa growing hand in hand with nature.


We are cooperating with Ecuadorian agronomists to provide workshops and training to farmers who wish to grow their cacao organically. Local growers will learn how to diversify their field’s crop varieties by planting fruit trees and other edible crops. By doing so, their agricultural production expands and, most importantly, the quality of their cacao beans improves and they may receive organic certification. Farmers producing organic certified cacao can increase their profits significantly. In other words, this initiative will improve the livelihoods of small farming communities, while at the same time supporting sustainable agriculture.