Ecuador, a beautiful country with a rich cultural history and lush nature, is home to the world’s finest cacao variety, known as Arriba Nacional. Only 5% of all cacao beans grown in the world are classified as gourmet beans, or ‘fine aroma’ cacao. About 65% of this fine flavor cacao is cultivated in Ecuador.


The Arriba Nacional bean type is widely considered the best of the best for its superior taste. It captivates novices and avowed chocoholics alike with its creamy richness complemented by complex fruity and floral aromas. Tolita uses only organic Arriba Nacional cacao to guarantee premium quality and to ensure the fullest chocolate experience. Its smoothness and mildly bitter notes convince even the staunchest milk chocolate aficionados.


Tolita's high-quality cacao is single origin, grown in the coastal plains of Esmeraldas, Ecuador's Green Pearl. The region is famous for its cacao production, and its farmers have perfected the art of growing the sumptuous bean for centuries. Tolita’s certified organic cacao is harvested by a smallholder farmers association, who receive fair compensation for their premium product thanks to the elimination of middlemen in the supply chain. The farmers grow their cacao beans in polyculture, thereby protecting the region’s great biodiversity, as well as the health of growers and consumers.